What An Umbrella Policy Is, and Why You Might Need It

Most Americans view auto insurance as necessary to protect against the costs of a car accident.  Likewise, it’s common knowledge that homeowners insurance helps families rebuild their lives and homes.  An “umbrella” policy is not as well known, but anyone who owns a home or any assets should consider buying it.

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This Summer, Get In the Water — and Get Out, Safely

A cool swim on a hot day is an American tradition. As temperatures rise, most folks want to get into the water—whether at the ocean, lake or pool.

The combination of high fuel prices and an economic slowdown may keep Americans at or near home more than usual this summer. But water safety is a concern wherever you—and especially your children—venture this summer.

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Don’t Risk Being Underinsured: Five Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Too many American believe that the coverage limits of their homeowners insurance policy are linked to the market value of their home, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I).  

In the I.I.I.’s 2011 Insurance Pulse Survey, conducted by the Opinion Research Corporation, nearly half (48%) of survey respondents came to that mistaken conclusion.

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