Why you need a Local Agent

Insurance commercials seem to be half of what’s on TV. Call here for an auto quote. Choose this company or you may not be covered. Get a quote in only 15 minutes. But do you really save? It’s it really the best thing to do, buy insurance from someone you can’t see and will never talk to again?

Know your agent

One of the greatest advantages to having a local agent is you know who they are. Or better yet they have the opportunity to know who you are. The better you know someone the better you can meet their needs. I often tell people your insurance agent should be in your top 10 list of people you make a point to know and see once a year. Relationships matter and yours is or should be important to your agent.

A local agent saves you money

After the hurricane I saw a lot more of my customers take me up on my annual review invitation. Many more have questions after a claim is filed and coverages are paid out. The best way to get questions answered is face to face. An agent can review documents and dec pages and pick out what doesn’t look right. Agents can also spot discounts quickly and what you need to do to maximize them. I had a review one time where a customer received a refund for a discount right on the spot. It was their first annual review and they weren’t sure about coming in. Now they don’t miss one. It’s worth rearranging the schedule one day a year to see your agent.

If you are a homeowner please make sure you are receiving wind mitigation credits for a permitted new roof, hurricane clips or straps, and deck nailing. These credits have been out for at least 15 years and some homeowners still don’t have these credits. These credits can save you hundreds and even a $1000 with some carriers but they are not automatic. The homeowner must order a wind mitigation inspection from a home inspector. These normally cost about $100 and the reports are good for 5 years. A customer came in last week wondering why her home insurance premium was over $3000. I looked and quickly spotted she didn’t have any wind mit credits. She will be bringing in her report which will result in a 45% premium reduction. Make sure you are receiving the discounts you already have in your roof.

Make an appointment to see your agent. It’s worth it.

One thought on “Why you need a Local Agent

  • A company that understands homeowner’s insurance and can guide you to the right type and amount of coverage should be a homeowner’s priority. I am planning to apply for insurance for the new home we purchased. I wanted to be protected and secure so that I wouldn’t have to worry so much in the future if we were insured.

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